The World’s First Fully Customizable Magnet Board To Transform Your Home & Office

Phoenix Wall is the only customizable magnet board with high load capacity, interchangeable fabric surface and intelligent alignment assistance

Decorate and organize your home & office with your favourite pictures, quotes, and personal items that express your unique style faster and intiutively.

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Use the Extra Strength Magnetic Force To Stay Organized

His intelligent aligment assistance help you easily place accessories up to 7 lbs (~3kg) straight, like magic.

Our magnet boards offer unmatched durability with the real magnets for a lasting, secure hold.

Enjoy More Creativity in your daily life

Bring color and life to your home office with Phoenix Wall. 

Change the color of the board in seconds with the last SEG fabric technology.

Unleash your creativity with a versatile and practical magnetic board that can easily adapt to your changing needs.

Perfect for managing different aspects of your work and home life


Connect with people close to you

At Phoenix Wall, we are passionate about creating authentic and meaningful connections in an increasingly digital world. 

That's why our magnetic frames have integrated NFC technology that allow you to connect digitally with people nearby. 

Simply bring your smartphone close to the magnetic frame and you can interact with others easily and quickly. Would you like to share a message, a picture or just say hello to someone? 

This is an innovative and fun way to connect with people in your community in a more authentic and personal way.

From Boring To Inspiring Spaces in 

3 Simple Steps


Select into the Medium and Large size.


Choose your favourite fabric background.


Use our tools to create your own living artwork.

Phoenix Wall Helps You to Connect with the Best Version of Yourself

Change is an inevitable part of life. 

While it can be uncomfortable and difficult, with Phoenix Wall you will learn to embrace change as a positive experience. 

Transform yourself from the ashes into something new and powerful - use the creative breath of life to become who you want to be in each moment. 

Take control of your destiny and discover the Path of Legends.

Get An Exclusive Discount

We're Launching Soon. Get an exclusive discount by signing up now!